We welcome tier one construction contractor Roberts Co to site after being awarded the contract to build the new Paediatric Services Building.

The Australian-owned company, established about 5 years ago, has a highly experienced team which has worked on a number of projects such as Concord Hospital redevelopment where they recently completed work, and the Liverpool Health and Academic Health  Precinct, where they  work is currently taking place.

At Concord Hospital, Roberts Co were responsible for delivering the new $341 million clinical services building which includes a world-class integrated cancer centre, increased rehabilitation services, improve access to new aged care services and Australia’s first National Centre for Veteran’s Healthcare.

Roberts Co aims to set a new benchmark in the provision of health services and healthcare workspace.

Project Manager Jim Stavropoulos, who has more than 40 years of construction experience and led a number of major health projects such as Tamworth Hospital and more recently Concord Hospital, said the recent pioneering of “Project 5”, a five-day working week for construction workers, was a big achievement in improving work-life balance while still delivering projects on budget and on time.

“Our priority is the health and welling of all staff. We have introduced a five-day working week on some of our projects, in contrast to the usual six-day working week,” Mr Stavropoulos said.

“The five-day week makes for happier, healthier workers whose partners and families are better off as well. This was recently reflected in the team that delivered Concord Hospital, who had recently seen this positive impact firsthand.”

The team at Westmead is again pioneering the positive impact of the five-day week.

The project team aims to set a new benchmark in delivery, and have set it up to exceed expectations and communicate well with stakeholders.

Stakeholder Manager Melissa Jones said that having kids and the community be active participants in this project was important to contributing to creating a positive safe connection between site workers and the kids.

“The team understands that they are guests in the precinct during construction, and have identified a number of priorities of how they should interface with the precinct and it’s vital operations,” she said.

Ms Jones said that Roberts Co acknowledges the importance of this once-in-a-generation project, stating that the new building will be able to treat many children and positively impact families for decades to come.

“Our aim is to leave a positive and sustainable legacy for years to come,” she said.   

We look forward to working with Roberts Co to deliver the new state-of-the-art facilities with major construction set to begin in the coming months.