‘Dragonfly car park’ opENS

Following more than two years of construction, the Stage 2 Redevelopment of CHW has reached a major milestone and will open the new P21 (Dragonfly) staff car park on Thursday 27 June to staff with parking access. 

Significant and thoughtful investments in technology, sustainable infrastructure and art have been integrated into the design which speaks to our Network’s commitment to leading the way in improving the environmental sustainability of the healthcare sector. 

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network’s Director Redevelopment Tim Hoffmann acknowledged the collaborative efforts to bring the design to life.   

“The Dragonfly car park is another major step towards achieving our hospital redevelopment vision and I’d like to thank many people who played a collaborative role in its design journey to push the boundaries in redefining what a hospital car park could be,” Mr Hoffmann said. 

"The design blends sustainability and art beautifully together while still meeting the operational needs to support our growing workforce.” 

Health Infrastructure’s Senior Project Director Caleb Teh said the opening of the car park is a noteworthy feat for the project. 

“I’d like to thank everyone involved from the get-go, from our designers at Billard Leece Partners, the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, staff, the community, including Aboriginal stakeholders and the builders at Kane Constructions," Mr Teh said. 

"It’s great to see this car park opened after many years in the making.” 

With the car park opening comes the opening of another new playground for the hospital community. This is the second of three new playgrounds being delivered as part of the Stage 2 redevelopment and its proximity to the sensory playground, which opened in 2023, has created a haven of outdoor play opportunities for families seeking respite from clinical settings.   

Thank you to the 200 staff members who have been part of the pilot program during the past week to test and provide valuable feedback on using the car park.