Refurbishment within exisiting hospital

As part the NSW Government's $619 million redevelopment, a number of existing areas of the hospital are being refurbished to enhance spaces for patients, staff and visitors, improve connectivity and to meet future clinical demands.  

Refurbishments within the existing hospital building will take place over Levels 1, 2 and 3 and include: 

  • Pathology – this includes expansion of laboratories in the balcony space; relocation of Pathology Collections to the front of the hospital in the former ED, and fit-out of the new Central Specimen Reception Area and blood bank. 
  • Relocating Gait Lab to Level 1 within the existing Function Room and a portion of the Dining Room space, and associated reconfiguration of the staff dining room  
  • Relocating the Clinical Research Centre to the former ED to enable the breakthrough of level 2 of the KR building to make way for the future pathway from the KIDSPARK forecourt into the new PSB
  • Widening of the Level 3 Linkway between Block K and CHW to improve the capacity for staff and patient flows across all buildings
  • Galleria upgrade works – including new airlocks and a new staircase to link Level 1 directly into the Galleria on Level 2
Kane Constructions was awarded the contract with works beginning in 2023.

In addition,  construction of the new Viral Vector Manufcaturing Facility Stage 2 is being carried out concurrently with the refubishment works.

During this time, we remind our local hospital community to follow staff direction and signage while work is being carried out.

For more information, see our article on the refurbishment